Допомога українським вченим від Академії молодих вчених ПАН

Ukrainian Scientists who left Ukraine due to war or plan to leave in the coming days; we will help you find accommodation and jobs.

Contact us here mail.amu.pan@gmail.com or via our Facebook

Please provide: name and surname, number of family members, your discipline and University, contact number, city/university where you head (if known)

In connection with Russia’s attack on Ukraine, the Polish Young Academy PAS (https://amu.pan.pl/en/ ) would like to provide help to Ukrainian fellow scientists who are currently forced to leave their homeland. Members of the PYA are declaring that they are ready to welcome Ukrainian scientists in their research groups, providing them with support as well as a place and tools to work. In order to achieve these goals and to possibly widen the scale of support, we are inviting scientists and scientific institutions from Poland and beyond willing to join the initiative. Support shall be provided for a period of at least 3-6 months and it may include, among others:

  • > admitting Ukrainian scientists to the research group or providing them with a place as well as materials and tools for work at the given institution,
  • > free accommodation of researchers and their families,
  • > funding a scholarship or salary.

If we are able to offer a support for at least one person – it will be an important gesture of solidarity in those dark days. Yet, we hope to achieve more that that and thus would like to meaningfully support our Ukrainian colleagues to go through this terrible time.

In order to express readiness to provide such support, please fill in the following form: https://forms.gle/5jcCJiwfgr9ono119 . You can also contact us on mail.amu.pan@gmail.comproviding the following info:

  • > name of the institution
  • > academic discipline(s)
  • > contact person
  • > type of support: place to work, salary / scholarship, free accommodation
  • > number of supported people (scientists and their families)
  • > period of support (at least 3 months)


Within the framework of cooperation with the National Academy of Sciences of Ukraine (NASU), the Polish Academy of Sciences introduces a new tool supporting cooperation with Ukrainian researchers.

General conditions:

a) expenses related to travel and stay of the Ukrainian scientists in the units of the PAS will be covered by the PAS;

b) duration of the stay in the units of the PAS up to 3 months with possibility of extension, if necessary.

More details here: https://institution.pan.pl/index.php/755-visits-of-ukrainian-scientists-to-pas