Double Degree Programs

Learning abroad, of course, opens up broad prospects. And not only because you can live in another country, get acquainted with its culture and mentality of people, but also because there is the opportunity to get high-quality education in combination with indispensable experience, compare education in another country and in the Motherland, and then return home with a huge luggage of knowledge and skills to integrate the experience gained in our Ukrainian education.

A program of double diploma envisages simultaneous training in two institutions of higher education from different countries. Agree, such a system of education only for the benefit, because instead of one diploma you get two. The value of a double diploma is that a graduate becomes more attractive to domestic employers.



Benefits of the proposed Dual Diploma Program:

  • saving time for training in your specialty;
  • convenient academic schedule, maximally adapted to the needs of the student;
  • receipt of diplomas after graduation: a European sample of these institution of higher educations and a Ukrainian state standard of National University «Yuri Kondratyuk Poltava Polytechnic»;
  • additional experience of staying in a fundamentally different system of higher education;
  • qualitative professional education and internationally recognized diploma;
  • improving the language and experience of international communication;
  • an opportunity to travel to the EU countries, having financial benefits at the same level as EU students;
  • internship at EU enterprises with a prospect of employment.

For detailed information about the programs of "double" diploma please contact the International Relations Department (room 206 of the central building) e-mail: and tel. +380-532-60-96-67!