The contest of Ukrainian-Latvian research projects in 2019-2020 begins

Ministry of Education and Science of Ukraine and the State Development Agency of the Republic of Latvia announce the contest of joint Ukrainian-Latvian research projects for 2019-2020.

Reception of projects will last from 15th of March  till the 15th May in 2018.

The competition is open to any laboratories or research groups of universities, research institutions and enterprises of both countries.
Project proposals are accepted in accordance to the following priority areas:
– Energy and energy efficiency;

– Ecology and rational nature management;

– New technologies for the prevention and treatment of major diseases, research in the field of biotechnology, bioengineering and genetics;

– New materials;

– Demographic changes, migration and migrants;

– Specifics and problems of regional development and social cohesion;

– Technology of defensive direction.

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